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Cochlear Implant under ADIP Scheme

ADIP is the flagship program of the Government of India under which aids and appliance are provided to persons with disabilities which can eliminate or reduces the impact of disability and empower them for participate fully in the mainstream of society. Since long the traditional aids and appliances were the part of scheme. Recently the ADIP scheme was revised and attempt is made to include high end devices such motorized wheel chairs, smart canes, digital behind the ear programmable hearing aids and cochlear implants. The unique features of the scheme is that it provides free of cost aids and appliances to needy persons and has laid conditions that at least 25% of the beneficiaries has to females and provide transparency in implementation. Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities (Divyangjan), (AYJNISHD), Mumbai is nominated as the nodal agency to implement the Cochlear Implant program in the country under the ADIP scheme. The eligibility criteria of children to be consider for the cochlear implant surgery under the ADIP scheme are:

  • 1. An Indian Citizen
  • 2. Holds 40% disablement certificate or as defined in the Persons with Diasabilities (Equal opportunity, full participation and protection of rights) Act 1996.
  • 3. The Income of Parents / guardians should not exceed Rupees : 15,000/- per month
  • 4. 1 to 5 years of age for pre-lingual (hearing loss before acquiring speech and language skills) child with hearing loss.
  • 5. Up to 12 years of age for post-lingual (hearing lossafter acquiring speech and language skills) child with hearing loss.
  • 6. Bilateral severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss.
  • 7. Little or no benefit from hearing aid usage.
  • 8. No retro-cochlear pathology
  • 9. No medical contraindications for surgery.
  • 10. No developmental delays, psychological issues and other sensory and oro-facial defects.
  • 11. No mental retardation.

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